Comments from some of the people I've worked with in my practice

*names changed to protect client confidentiality

I immediately clicked with Lisa, and felt really comfortable with her. The thing I liked best about the therapy was the sense that things were happening, shifts, transformation, new learning, shedding of old patterns.

~Sarah M., childhood trauma

I am a psychotherapist myself, and it is Lisa that I go to when I need help getting to the core of an issue. She radiates love, joy and wisdom, all of which create a safety net when emotions feel overwhelming.

~Maria H., personal growth

Lisa is a comprehensive, insightful and deeply caring therapist. I have entrusted her with my most intimate vulnerabilities. Her presence and guidance have been invaluable in her work with me and my young daughter.

~Sue W., educator and therapist

I have been a client of Lisa's for many years. I have found it to be an ever-evolving process for life changes. When I began working with her, it was her open heart and willingness to understand that brought me to a new place of healing. A safe place where I could learn, heal, and grow.

I found Lisa's healing techniques worked in deep ways never touched before – I was really changed and transformed by EMDR and NET – yet it was Lisa's listening and clarifying, and then picking up all the pieces and summarizing, that was truly helpful. She brought to my life a greater understanding of myself, and her input helped me change from damaging patterns of behavior to healthy patterns and choices.

~Chris P., history of trauma

Even though Lisa got the Golden Barbie Award (a joke award for dressing sharp) the first week I went to Health Care Plan, I was afraid she would be unreachable, but it wasn't so. She doesn't have a big wall up, and it's easy to talk to her.

~Sheila E., bipolar disorder

Hmm, how can I say what therapy can mean, or has meant to me? A gradual unfolding of freedom to be genuinely myself in feeling, thought, and way of living in the world. A very practical means of addressing real problems and bringing forth all of my resources to deal with them. A process of uncovering, by memories, a deeper and deeper acceptance of myself as I am, discovering strength I didn’t know I had, overcoming fears I have always avoided, and risking intimacy by using this new emotional clarity.

And Lisa is a dear one who will be with you every step of the way, guiding and affirming, helping you to grow and become. It’s worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

~Alan M., nurse

You have probably helped me more than any other healthcare professional I've ever worked with. I have experienced great personal growth since I began working with you, and I feel very fortunate to have found someone who is not only a consummate professional, but also so completely relatable. Thank you, sincerely, for all that you do.

~George H., fibromyalgia

Dr. Lisa has allowed me to open up to all the possibilities that Love, Joy, Peace, and Passion have to offer. Counseling with her has been the key to unlocking my happiness!

~Kathy H., mother and homemaker

In some insensitive counseling situations, the emphasis is sometimes put on the individual to self-explore and work on their problems. Dr. Brothwell helps me to understand the “why” of my emotions, and uses active techniques that result in a feeling of getting to the center of my psyche, with a release I can feel.

Dr. Brothwell's interpersonal style is very helpful to me, as well. I was a person that usually did not open up to people. Dr. Brothwell took the time to really understand me. I now have feelings of satisfaction and am gaining focus.

And that is Dr. Lisa M. Brothwell.

~Edward K., injured worker

Dr. “B” helps me so much with NET to combat past injustices – real or imagined. Lisa also listens well. She helps me to think positively and let go of the past. Thank you for being there! I need your input, and I do trust you.

~Joan C., depression

Dr. Lisa is a gifted professional therapist who created a calm, supportive and nurturing environment for me as a client. I felt safe to explore issues and discover some answers and paths for healing with Dr Lisa's skills and guidance.

I am grateful for Dr Lisa's patience and ability to help me be gentle with myself. She has made a wonderful positive difference in my life allowing me to experience healing, joy in the process, and moving forward with confidence!

~Emily W., rape survivor

Lisa was like an angel sent from heaven for me. Her deep concern for growth is unmatched.

~Natalie W., child of mentally ill parent

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