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It is my belief that we all come here to experience and achieve certain learnings. The goals vary from person to person, but there are certain “lessons” that are common.

In infancy and childhood, the groundwork for the lesson is laid. For example, if your lesson is to learn that you are loved and loveable, you may find yourself in a very unloving environment. This creates an imprint on the individual, both emotionally and cognitively. Throughout his or her life, this person will then to react to new situations as though they were identical to the childhood experience. The belief system and expectations of the individual will also tend to draw situations and people that actually are very similar to those in the family of origin – hence the stage is set for the desired life learning.

Through awareness, we identify the core issues. This is the first step of the healing process, and can be very exciting and informative. Next, we use treatment modalities such as EMDR to “desensitize” and reprocess early and/or traumatic experiences. This opens the individual up to new learning and responses to current events in his or her life.

In most cases, people find this process of growth to be fascinating and invigorating. The end result we seek is to be fully and vibrationally alive – not bound by old self-limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior.

I welcome you to embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing.